Atom Heart



Atom Heart is brick-and-mortar record store founded in 1999.  They pride themselves on unparalleled personalized service and a large selection independent rock and electronic music. Located in Montréal, Atom Heart is an important part of the community, cherished by their loyal patrons.

This redesign aims to modernize the brand, while staying true to the character of Atom Heart; their affection of rock and electronic while maintaining a diverse catalogue of all genres. The logo uses these ideals and takes inspiration from record labels of decades past. A bold sans-serif evokes the brash nature of alternative music while the slant suggests progress toward a new era for the store. The five lines cutting through the type references the grooves found on the vinyl discs.

The rest of the brand identity sits at a crossroads between grunge and futuristic aesthetics; represented by black and yellow respectively. Strong customer loyalty and a willingness to represent their local store combine to create merchandising opportunities. Promotional materials evoke the music carried on store shelves, and feature contemporary and classic artists alike. Stationery design keeps the brand image clean, while maintaining some of the edge found in other elements of the branding. Together, these components combine to provide Atom Heart with a pathway to customer acquisition and towards strengthening their relationship with existing clients through an authentic visual identity.