Dawson College



Dawson is widely recognized as one of the best colleges in the province and seeks a visual language for their signage that reflects its values. The redesign coincides with the end of major renovations which have lasted several years on de Maisonneuve, a major artery of Montréal and a street utilized by much of the student body in order to navigate the campus, which sprawls from the main building to the Forum.

In order to help students better navigate this large campus, the college is looking to make strategic improvements in the way their current signage solution's positioning throughout the school and update the visuals that accompany these solutions. This includes everything ranging from destination panels to directional signage. This new redesign must serve the need of an ever-growing student body, and streamline the foot traffic in and around the Dawson campus. Many areas of the school's problematic areas were analysed and improved upon to achieve these goals, in a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing way.

The result is an evolution of the current system in place, complete with hanging signage, large wall mounted panels made to be visible from all distances and more concise destination panels. All of these elements follow a modernized graphic identity, with an emphasis on accessibility and simplicity. A legible geometric sans-serif is used on all forms of signage. Panels throughout the college used a contrasting electric blue and ultra white. A complete set of icons was created, in keeping with the visual identity of the wayfinding system.