Montréal Public Markets, Iced Tea



The Montréal Public Markets are a network of 15 markets scattered around the island of Montréal. With year round services, these markets showcase local foods along with various discoveries from other places, all  while creating a welcoming environment for their patrons.

In an attempt to increase revenues and showcase local products and vendors, the public markets are releasing a series of derived products using produce sold in their network. One example of this are a line of flower-infused iced tea beverages available in three flavours: green tea with hollyhock, black tea with borage and white tea with calendula. They hope to attract a younger demographic with captivating packaging solution which will help differentiate their products in a saturated market. An emphasis is placed on the organic qualities of the product and the ethical sourcing of their simple ingredient list.

The solution takes the form of glass bottles with textured caps, to be sold individually or in packs of four. The bottles are wrapped in a colourful labels, in relation to the colour of both the tea and the flower it is infused with. Gradients are used on the labelling in reference to the process of stepping of tea in hot water. Large type indicates the product name, in a typeface that stands out in otherwise crowded market shelves. A short explanatory text outlines MPM's mission and ethos.