Montréal Public Markets, Organic Seeds



The Montréal Public Markets are a network of 15 markets scattered around the island of Montréal. With year-round services, these markets showcase local foods along with various discoveries from abroad, all  while creating a welcoming environment for their patrons.

In an attempt to attract a new generation of shoppers and reinvigorate the local food scene, MPM sets out to apply a fresh coat of paint to the items they feature by introducing new packaging solutions. With home gardening on the rise, the Public Markets want to bring fresh produce to their customers. A line of organic seeds, provided by their respective vendors, are introduced to the network, and feature a wide variety of fresh and refined merchandise. Florists and their products are the focus of this packaging, but consideration was given to all types of seeds but developing a modular solution, capable of working with any and all organic seed types.

Due to the simplicity of the product, a purely typographic packaging was produced. Capable of containing seeds of varying sizes and shapes, the packaging features large type describing the product, a brief summary of the product, as well as required information such as the planting instructions. The information is constructed in a way that allows for easy reading when rotating the packaging. A bespoke sticker is placed on the narrow side of the box detailing the vendor from which the seeds came from, and the list of markets in which their products are sold. This sticker cascades over the side of the box, where the barcode is printed.