Vernissage 2022



Dawson College is recognized for its many professional programs, namely its Graphic Design Program. Every year, the graduating class celebrates their achievements with an exhibition in which friends, family and professionals can appreciate the hardwork that led up to that night. One student is selected to art-direct the event and with the help of their classmates, create everything ranging from invitations and banners to a website and social media assets. Congratulations to Alannah, the winner of the 2022 contest, for her dedication and perseverance in the face of such a daunting task. This is a personal exercise in what the event could have looked like had I won the role of art director.

The centrepiece and foundational building block of the branding for the event is the poster, from which all other assets stem from. Large arch shapes represent this architectural feature found just about everywhere on campus. The asterisks when combined with the aforementioned arches reference the iconic rose window found above the main entrance to the school. Beyond this however, the asterisk signifies the valuable education we lost due to the global pandemic, which lasted a little under half of the duration of the program. It can feel like part our apprenticeship is incomplete, or has an asterisks attached to it, indicating a footnote or clarification is needed. Text is organized by importance, with the date of the event taking center stage. The entire poster uses warm, seasonal colours, a nod to the start of the summer, when the exhibition takes place.

Elements of the branding source their visual identity directly from the poster. Both the serif and sans-serif are present throughout, with the colour scheme and gradients applied to said elements. Other more subtle parallels are made between the poster and the rest of the assets, such as the use of slashed zeros and dotted underlines to highlight and differentiate elements.